Brittany D. Redden
"Real attorneys change the world....the team of people that work here, all strive to do those kinds of things with their careers."

About our Attorneys

  • The personal injury attorneys at the Cochran Firm Dallas have seen how someone’s negligence and
    misconduct can affect another person’s life. The tragic reality is that you can do everything right only to find yourself with mounting hospital bills and severe pain as a result of another person’s mistakes.

    We don’t think that’s right. Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping the
    people of Texas to pursue justice and compensation for their injuries.


    BRITTANY Is A TRIAL ATTORNEY who uses her experience in the courtroom to counsel clients with their day to day legal needs as well as represent them at trial. Brittany realized she possessed a passion for the courtroom and decided to use this drive to advocate for clients whether it is a client’s first DWI, a first-degree assault charge, a complex federal drug conspiracy, or a family violence allegation.Prior to graduating from SMU Dedman School of Law, Brittany was a Student Attorney with the SMU Criminal Justice Clinic where the majority of   her experience focused on representing indigent clients facing criminal charges in Dallas County. During this time, Brittany gained invaluable experience navigating the courtroom and counseling clients on negotiating plea bargain deals with the client’s individual needs in mind. Because of her drive and dedication to not only her clients, but also fellow students, Brittany was chosen to be Chief of the Criminal Justice Clinic following her time as a Student Attorney. This advantageous experience gives Brittany the insight to both advise clients on their day to day legal needs as well as go to battle for them at trial.


    • SMU Dedman School of Law
    • Texas Tech University



    • State Bar of Texas

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