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As sad as it is, Police Brutality happens too often. Its better to consult with a Police Brutality or Civil Rights Attorney so you know your rights. Most police officers are good people.  They are devoted and honest. Their job is really hard, and their days are stressful.

Police officers also have a lot of power and control over the people they deal with.  Any abuse of this power such as unjust, extreme or illegal use of force is not ok.  

We place a lot of trust in the police.  When police abuse their power, that trust is broken.  The physical, emotional, financial and legal consequences can be shocking. Cochran Texas helps innocent victims of police brutality seek what is right and fair. 

Examples of Police Brutality cases we handle include:
  • Pointless physical attacks
  • Useless and embarrassing strip searches
  • Sexual violations
  • Bullying, blackmail or intimidation to force you into doing something you don’t want to do
  • Pulling you over because of the color of your skin
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Common Questions

What should I do if I am the victim of police brutality?

Write down or record the name and badge number of all officers who hurt you.  Find out what police department they belong to.   
If other officers saw what happened, write down their names and badge numbers.  Also, get the names and contact information of any other people who may have been witnesses.  
Look around to see if any cameras in the area could have recorded what happened. 
Document the date, time, and location.  Take pictures of any injuries you may have.
Call Cochran Texas.  

What should I NOT say to a police officer?

Most of the time it is your right to stay silent.  You are not required to answer any questions even after you have been arrested or are in jail.  
However, in most states you must provide your name if an officer stops you.  If stopped for a traffic violation, you must provide your driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration. 
You do not need to answer more questions.  You have the right to ask for a lawyer if the police want to question you. 

I'm guilty of some crimes.  Can I still bring a claim for police brutality?

Yes, you can still bring a claim for police brutality even if you are guilty of some crimes. 
I'm worried the police will try and get even if I file a claim.  Can they do that?

No.  Police cannot retaliate against you if you filed a claim. If you file a claim or they cannot use force or refuse to respond to complaints. This also applies if you are part of an investigation into someone else’s claim.  

If you've been a victim of a dog bite.

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