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Have you or someone you know been hurt in a car wreck?  Hiring an experienced car wreck attorney can make a big difference in your case outcome. Is the pain severe and the medical bills high? You should not have to suffer in silence or try and navigate the insurance system alone.  

Getting hurt isn’t fun.  Especially if it is someone else’s fault.  You should focus on getting better.  Let us take care of the rest.   

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Car Wreck Cases

Some of the most common types of car wreck cases we handle include

If what happened to you doesn’t fit under any of these groups, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.   Call us at 1-800-THE-FIRM (800-843-3476) for a free review and consultation of your unique situation.

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Distracted driving
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Texting while driving
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Head on collisions
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Driving under the influence
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Rear end collisions
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T-Bone collisions

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to hire a lawyer if the accident was not your fault.  But a lawyer can help you figure out the often confusing process.  
For example, if you need to get medical treatment or have your car fixed you should not have to pay for these things.  The insurance company of the person who caused the accident should.  Cochran Texas can help make sure you are treated fairly in the process and reimbursed for your expenses.  

You do not have to pay anything unless you win your case.  We work on car wrecks based on a ‘contingency’ fee.  This means that the lawyers fee comes out of your fee from the settlement amount, not your pocket.  Also, in the unusual case you don’t win your case you don’t pay anything.

First, see if anyone in your car (including yourself) is injured.  If the answer is yes, call 911.  If the answer is no, move the car to a safe place out of traffic and call the police.  
Make sure it is safe to exit your car.  Act calm and trade information with the other driver(s).  
Get their license plate number as well as driver’s license and insurance information.  It is ok to use your phone to take a picture of these things.  Give them your information too.  
Take pictures of your car as well as all of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.  Call Cochran Texas if you are injured of think there is a question about who caused the wreck. 

Get their license plate number as well as driver’s license and insurance information.  Make sure you get the policy number and the exact name of the insurance company. You will also need to give them your information too.

In Texas, you have two years from the date of the wreck to file a lawsuit. Two years can happen before you know it.  You should contact Cochran Texas as soon as possible to get advice about what to do. 

You don’t have to let them record you.  If you do allow them to record you, it could make your case harder.  We always recommend calling Cochran Texas first.  Remember, the initial call is free.

It is normal for pain to show up a few days after an accident. Go to the doctor or urgent care facility as soon as possible.  If they find an injury and the wreck was not your fault, call us at Cochran Texas. 
Contact us for a free review and consultation of your unique situation. 

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