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The Cochran Firm Texas Community Good Will

At Cochran Texas, we make it a priority to serve all those that reside in our community. That's why we have partnered with Injury Board to assist with unifying loved ones during COVID-19 with donating multiple Amazon Echo Show tablets to senior citizen centers statewide. 

Connections with family and friends can provide a greater sense of meaning and a positive affect on mental health. At Cochran Law Firm, we hope this serves as an inspiration to create your own special way of making an impact and assisting those in your local community.

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Johnnie Cochran dedicated his life fighting to make sure everyone had the same rights.  

The bad news is that fight still goes on because not everyone votes.

This means that people who make decisions for you don't always look like you.  They haven't had the same life experiences as you.  In fact, they might be against things you strongly believe.

Vote in national, state and local elections.  Vote as if your life depends on it. 

Because it does.  

Learn More About Voting

Want to know more about voting?  Need to register?  Not sure if you are registered?

Our friends at Vote.org can help you get the answers you need.

Police the Truth

It’s hard to speak up if you see someone you work with do something wrong.  It is even harder if you are a police officer or other official sworn to uphold the law. 

Being an officer of the law is one of the bravest jobs you can have.  You should not be retaliated against or punished for speaking up and doing your job.  Ever.  Even if it involves people you work with or for.  

Cochran Texas is proud to be involved with Police the Truth.  We stand beside you and ready to help you speak the truth if you find yourself caught in this position.

Cochran Texas Community Service

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