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Our Mission

What the Cochran Firm Texas stands for

We carry on Johnnie Cochran's life work.  This means protecting the legal rights of ALL people in our community.  No matter your race, gender, background or income level you have a right to skilled legal help.  

Our Values

What we believe in and what you can expect from us:


We take a deep look at your issue.  We think long and hard about what will work best for you.  


We are ready and able to take the action you need.  We ask a lot of questions.  We look at all of our options before moving forward.


We get to know you.  We understand what is important to you.  We create a strategy that will get the best results for you.  


We will tell you the truth.  We respect you.  We show compassion.  We are your team. 

Our Commitments

What you can expect from us

We want to give you the best possible legal representation. We do this through our commitments:

Our Clients:

  • Your interests come before our own
  • You are a person, not just a case number or transaction.
  • Help you understand the legal process.
  • Honest and clear communication (both the good and the bad)
  • Find the best possible result(s)
  • Reduce the strain on you and those around you.

Our Community:

  • Give back both financially and with our time.
  • Fight for the right to a trial by jury for everyone.
  • If you are injured, get you back to your highest level so you are not a burden to anyone.
  • Increase awareness of what happens to people who are injured through no fault of their own.

Our Profession:

  • Give back and continue to fight for the right to trial by jury.
  • Act with dignity and integrity.
  • Training
  • Teach people what causes bad things to happen so future injuries can be avoided.
  • Deep-Rooted Bonds
  • Gain your trust and confidence to earn a referral or repeat business.


  • Teach people what causes bad things to happen so future injuries can be avoided.

Deep-Rooted Bonds:

  • Gain the trust and confidence to earn a referral or repeat business from you.

Johnnie Cochran
The Legacy Lives On

Founding Partner, 1937 – 2005

Johnnie Cochran was one of this country’s greatest lawyers.  People around the world saw him as someone who fought for the rights of all and gave back to his community.  As a skillful lawyer, he was a leading expert on the American criminal and civil justice system.
Johnnie was born in 1937 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He moved with his family to California in the fall of 1943.  At an early age, Johnnie found his love for debate. He graduated college from the University of California at Los Angeles and got his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.
Johnnie Cochran began his legal career in 1963.  He was assigned to the criminal section of the City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. He spent several years there before starting his own firm where he handled both civil and criminal cases.

In 1978, he became Assistant District Attorney of Los Angeles County.

In 1981, he went back to private practice and got big verdicts for victims of negligence and civil rights violations. As his success grew, he used the law to create change in many landmark and high-profile cases.
He is most famous for his role as lead counsel for the O.J. Simpson case in 1995.  That year he was selected America’s Trial Lawyer of the Year by The National Law Journal and one of the Headliners of the Year by Time magazine.  Johnnie is the only attorney to be named criminal defense lawyer of the year and civil trial lawyer of the year by the Los Angeles Bar.

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