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Unsafe Drug Lawyers in Texas

How do you know if you need the advice of an Unsafe Drug Lawyer? 
People suffer side effects or injuries due to unsafe drugs every year.  You might not be aware of these risks or side effects for months or even years after you use a drug. This applies to drugs prescribed by your doctor as well as those you buy over the counter.  A lot of these cases could have been avoided.  
Drug companies want to quickly make products available so they can make money.  Sometimes they do not do as much testing as they should.  Other times they do not focus on giving you needed details or warnings about a drug. When this happens, the companies that make the drugs could be held liable if their products make you sick.

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Some of the dangerous drug cases we handle include (but are not limited to)

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Common Questions

Severe injury and even death can happen if you take an unsafe drug.  Examples can include:

  • nerve or brain damage
  • mental health challenges
  • heart or blood vessel issues
  • breathing concerns
  • stomach, kidney or liver damage
  • muscle or bone issues

The drug company may be held responsible for injuries caused by unsafe drugs they make.

Don’t assume you should stop taking it.  
Find the maker and LOT number of the drug.  Then contact the FDA to see if it is safe.  
Talk to your doctor about your concerns as soon as you can.  Ask them to find a replacement for you. 
Safely get rid of the drug.  Contact your doctor if you are having any unusual symptom and contact a Cochran Texas.

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