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Premises Liability Lawyers in Texas

Getting hurt on someone else’s property due to an unsafe condition is covered by a type of law called premises liability. You should seek a Premises Liability Lawyer who can tell you right away if you have a case.

When you visit a business or someone else’s property, you assume you will be safe.  This is not always the case.  

The most common type of premises cases are "slip-and-fall" accidents.  These happen when an owner does not keep the property safe for the people who live, work or visit.  
These cases can involve neglect by the person who owns the home.  They also apply to a company or big stores like Wal-Mart, Target or Kroger.

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Some of the type of premises liability cases we handle

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Slip and Fall
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Trip and Fall
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Dog Bite
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Loose/Torn Rugs or Carpet
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Dog Attacks
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Loose/Uneven Bricks on Walkways
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Swimming Pool Accidents/Drownings
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Deck or Stair Collapses
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Negligent Security
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Criminal Acts by Third Parties
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Dram Shop Cases

Common Questions

Yes.  A property owner is responsible for any damages if a person gets hurt on their property.  This is true for both personal property and businesses.  Property owners must make a reasonable effort to make it a safe for people to visit.  

Some examples of ways people get injured on someone else’s property:

  • Slip and fall
  • Trip and fall
  • Dog or other animal bites
  • Spills that cause you to fall
  • Loose or torn rugs or carpet
  • Loose or uneven bricks on walkways
  • Swimming pool accidents/drownings
  • Deck or stair collapses
  • Not enough security
  • Criminal acts by third parties
  • Cases where a bar serves a customer too much to drink and that person causes an accident

If you were injured at a friend’s house, the lawsuit would be against their homeowner’s insurance. The insurance company would pay.

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