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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers in Texas

If you or a loved one has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), you may benefit from a free consultation from a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney. Wrecks, falls or assaults can sometimes result in what is called a 'traumatic brain injury (TBI).  A TBI means the brain doesn't work like it should because of a blow, puncture or bump to the head.  

Everyone is at risk for a TBI, especially children and older adults.  

These cases can be hard.  Every person experiences a TBI in a different way.  Detecting these injuries is also hard.  Some people show symptoms right away but others might take weeks to show that something is wrong.  

Insurance companies often argue that the TBI wasn't caused by your injury or product use.  They might say you aren't really disabled or the level or type of care your doctor says you need really isn't needed.  

Do you have a traumatic brain injury caused by someone else?  You need a lawyer who understands the medicine as well as the laws in Texas.  Call us at 800-THE-FIRM for a FREE review and consultation of your unique situation. 

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